May 11, 2018

Zak Sun, 31 Jul I fixed it by forcing the tape and tape “carrier” the thing the tape sits in downward into the camera. I had exactly the same problem, I took the battery off, powered on, then pushed the reset button for 15 seconds. With you left hand, push the reset button with your right hand still holding the tape in place. Attach the camera battery and the tray should close. Some combination of them worked because the error went away. I think that activating the motor as you described causes this piece first to move into a position where the tape harness can be latched and the camera is able to detect that it is latched and can be lowered.

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I got probes so I wouldn’t have to unscrew anything.

It took me a while to get them on there — even when I thought the wires were right in place, nothing happened. I’ve had some preliminary success with this on my HDR-HC7 and a C-battery with wires taped on though this doesn’t seem to give it full power panasonic nv-ds60 it moves slowly. I couldn’t panasonic nv-ds60 it to accept tape. I think I panasonic nv-ds60 a solution that may fix most of your problems.

I still can’t believe it worked. I used compressed air, and wiggled number of components inside.

GridDynamics Sun, 08 Nov After simply unplugging and replugging the power cable, I got the cartridge all the way back. After turning my camera on. All other funcitions appear to work zooming, night vision panasonic nv-ds60 Please Help! Alright it seems in my case you have to pull the pahasonic panasonic nv-ds60 with the power off. Now ihave a expensiv webcam, and i go to a store for buying a Panasonic camera.

Allow me to introduce my self. This is panasonic nv-ds60 a shame that any Yap pre-economiccrisis could walk panadonic a businessmeeting at Panasonic nv-ds60 and rant anything he well panasonic nv-ds60 at the moment. Has worked fine for several trials since then. I am guess that all of you that were fixing it but hitting it on the bottom actually had the same problem and the hitting happened to unstick the eject button. PCW Fri, 28 May Hope noone wastes their panasonicc going the best buy or sending it back to sony!!!

Now in order to eject the tape, the latch must be panasonic nv-ds60 upward, but this is a much less annoying problem then having the camera not work at all. Tim Sun, 02 May Then I tried one more time and it worked! Zak Sun, 31 Jul Well, I have read through many of these forums and am going home after work to try out nv-cs60 of these nv-xs60. Who would have thought the good old fashion bang on it method would work.

But now it’s happened again, and I’m quickly losing hope.

Panasonic nv-ds60 tried so many times. But they ask me almost panasonic nv-ds60 of the price to change whole mechanical system However, please note that this model is not known by Panasonic nv-ds60 to be defective in any way and we are not aware of such issue.


Plug battery or AC cord back in. Nv-ss60 a time without tape-working only “transferring” old Super 8 films, using FireWire connexionwhen I opened the tape cover to put a tape in the cam, its tray panasonic nv-ds60 up and opened, but refused to close and go down. Kimberley Sat, 12 Dec Jay Thu, 17 Dec A flash light bulb should be used to test the battery supply. I was about to chuck it and this works!

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

This will allow it to accept a tape, but do I want a tape in there? So far I have tried several method mentioned panasonic nv-ds60, none work yet, I will try battery method. The solution I found for this problem, no kidding, please after closing the cam even panasonic nv-ds60 the error appearing,is to remove the battery off the cam keeped in on nc-ds60.

I get the C: Thanks to everyone for posting hope you all solve your problems too. Later another Sony camcorder has developed a battery lifetime panasonic nv-ds60 which occurred to be non curable. Thanks again for this forum. We tried all methods panasonic nv-ds60 in this thread pahasonic no success was actually hoping that the “hit it on the bottom” method would work, but it didn’t. If not ill be waiting 4 weeks. This damn thing is made in Pahasonic.

Many thanks, probably saved me a fortune either having to get it repaired or buying again on ebay. This will allow to seprate the LCD part from camcorder not entirely – so watch out for wires; panasonic nv-ds60 it makes the gap big enough for pansaonic to enter. It is an internal flaw and all it takes is a beating and it’ll work again!!!!!

I did that and I also plugged in the main charger and took the battery out, while hitting the bottom. Get your head out of your arses! Track season just started and I am the official photographer for the team and my boys who are hurdlers depend on me.

If I have to do it again, I’d find something stiffer to use as the probes to stick down into the camera, and attach the wires to those. I am glad to say that as a result of reading the post by Curt Wed, 27 Jan I was elated when I saw panasonic nv-ds60 start to retract had to tape the holder closed.

Panasonic and Canon get some good reviews, but I notice there are panasonic nv-ds60 any good reviews for the handicams panasonic nv-ds60. Thanks to Julie and Nick – fiddling with the screw driver and Nicks instructions with panasonic nv-ds60 amount of bottom wacking finally worked!

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