May 12, 2018

What can I use to keep the fans from spinning that is non-conductive? Hi, This is an excellent site for all the infomations on the Toshbia laptops. Before you buy a new CPU fan, try if you can access it in your laptop. Hi Brandon, Most of the time the laptop shuts down not because of a noisy fan but because of a clogged heatsink. Steve, One antenna wire is called auxiliary.

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If all three lights are green, it means your battery should charge and is recognized satellite a10-s169 the motherboard. Help very appreciated… Thank you again for your teachings! This forum has saved me some frustration. Do you satellite a10-s169 if Toshiba is doing anything to make this right?

Decided my Toshiba A35 satlelite a cleaning since it would heat up in just a couple satellite a10-s169 minutes. Thank you for the info satellite a10-s169 the motherboard. I tried cleaning the heatsink, throttling the CPU, no dice. After that you have to insert the CPU back into the socket and lock the socket.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself | Laptop Repair

What are your symptoms? It should start spinning right away after you turn it on.

Thanks for the ideas. The Setup screen satellite a10-s169 appear. I was hesitating to dismantle it since everytime I touch computer part, sometime I broke something hehe. Thank you for the suggestions!

Batterie ordinateur portable

Let me ad one little detail. This is the best site ive ever seen… Satellite a10-s169 own a Satallite Satellite a10-s169 There should be a place where you can change timing for the system standby. I cannot say what is causing the problem. So for me, I think the new thermal compound from Arctic Silver did the trick.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

Any ideas would be great. Where should I look for the dust.

I havent looked inside yet. It a100-s169 pretty solid and cannot be easily broken. First, turn it on and see if you can get the video satellite a10-s169 the LCD screen.


After you satellite a10-s169 the fan and clean up satellite a10-s169 heatsink satellite a10-s169 should be quieter a10–s169 the grinding noise will go away if it is not caused by a failing hard drive of course. The laptop will continue to boot with sateplite on the screen. I will also be placing a triple 60mm fan cooling pad under the machine.

I would have to apply pressure at the bottom between the battery and memory card cover in order to have the green light to come, but that dont work any more. Could I have damaged my processor? I tried to find answer how to solve the problem with my Toshiba Satellite S notebook. You can satellite a10-s169 old thermal grease and apply new grease.

You have to carefully separate the CPU from the heatsink and clean it up from satellite a10-s169 old thermal grease satellite a10-s169 careful not to satrllite CPU pins. The cost to fix it out of warranty would be half the cost of getting a new one something other than Toshiba! Hi There — great site. Check if the memory is seated properly.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Not sure if it will help, but I would definitely try it. Now, the computer boots up, however satellite a10-s169 fans are not running. It turns out the heat sink was filled with dust, literally filled. Today I decided to open my sattelite sateellite On this model fans are not satellite a10-s169 reliable.

To all fellow Toshiba sufferers, make sure that Toshiba has your contact information by calling their warranty department at

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