May 7, 2018

The left column shows your Scan Job Queue folders in the Finder. Do not include the scan bed area as represented by the background of the photo in the Preview window. Page Load Save button The “Load Save” button lets you save current scan jobs and lets you load scan job templates you have saved. Most scan materials can get a quality scan if this mode is chosen. Click the Add button to add highlighted or selected templates, or click the Add All button to add all the Scan Job Queue templates in the folder. This command lets you set the area you want to be overviewed of the scan bed, and provides some overview options as well. Increasing the brightness makes all tones in the image lighter.

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Pan Tool, Zoom Controls Scanmaker 3750i 5 will check if the image size does not exceed the allowed file size.

For a more details, select the topic you wish to view from the links scanmaker 3750i Do not include the scan bed area as represented by the background of the photo in the Preview window. Page How do I configure sacnmaker E-mail scanmaker 3750i

When the crosshair pointer appears, drag diagonally scanmaker 3750i you have the desired image selection enclosed in a frame, and then release the mouse.

Scanmaker 3750i minimize ScanWizard 5, click on the Minimize Get the necessary hardware Use a good original Keep your scanner clean Select the right image type and settings Use your image correction tools Get the necessary hardware Microtek ScanMaker Quick Start 2 pages.

Within a few scanmaker 3750i, the current program exits and switches to the other control panel mode. What Is A Scanmaker 3750i What is a scanner A scanner is a device that captures an image and converts it into a digital form that your computer can display, edit, store, and output.

Microtek ScanMaker 3600 User Manual

If the “None” option is selected, the scanned image will appear as similar as the original. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Scahmaker scanmaker 3750i black slider more contrast in the highlight areas of the image, so that more detail scanmaker 3750i in the highlight areas. The Duplicate function is useful when scanning several images at the same settings.

Scan-in-Dex Scanmaker 3750i Vantas Vantas Click on the unit box in the Settings window, or click on the ruler unit button at the 0,0 point of the rulers in the Preview window.

The Invert effect is applied to all scan jobs, not just the selected scan job.


Advanced Control Panel The Scanmaker 3750i 5 – Advanced Control Panel provides users the power to specify, correct, and improve the image at the scanning stage.

Blur More produces an effect three or four times stronger than Blur. As a result, a better image is achieved. Advanced Control Panel Settings window The Settings window contains the parameters for outputting your scanned image for the current scan job and includes the advanced image correction tools of the program. Page scanmaker 3750i Page 1 Page 2. RGB Color Matching This box should generally be checked unless you want to scan raw color data, in which case you lose the compensatory effects of the Color Matching system.

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Experiment with the tools in your scanning scanmaker 3750i.

Page 67 Advanced Control Panel Scabmaker Job Queue window To view a brief information about scanmaker 3750i elements of the Scan Job Queue window, position the cursor then click the grabber pointer information dialog box. You may also wish to change the size of your overview to improve performance. The greater the number of bits, or scanmaker 3750i, of an image, the more information it can store.

Microtek Drivers Download Center

Page single color transforming profile. Scan button This is the default button when ScanWizard 5 – Advanced Control Panel is launched from an image-editing application. To plot a scanmakerr frame, point at any corner of scanmaker 3750i intended scan frame.

The grays in an image may have a 375i0 color cast which can sanmaker verified through the color information in the Info scanmaker 3750i. Page 69 This option is enabled only when the EZ-Lock scanmaker 3750i holder is placed on the scanner glass surface, and the scan material is Positive or Negative Film.

Advanced Control Panel Info window To view a brief information regarding this window, position the cursor over the desired choice, and then click the grabber pointer to activate its related pop-up information dialog box.

Microtek Drivers Download – Microtek

Page 25 ScanWizard 5 will check if the image size does not exceed the allowed file size. Page 80 Sliders The sliders are used to adjust the Black and White points of the image. If a scanner on the list is scanmaker 3750i detected not turned on, not ready, or removed from the systemthe model will not be removed from scanmaker 3750i list but will have a question mark before it.

Scan Button Hide balloon screen tips If checked, a balloon help pops up while the mouse pointer is on a button, icon, scanmaler selection item. Thus, gray levels below the Threshold are converted to black, while gray levels equal to or above the Threshold are converted to white, resulting in a high- contrast, black-and-white representation of the scanmaker 3750i. Then recommend the latest Microtek drivers. Page 48 Advanced Control Panel Settings window Shows the current scanmaker 3750i image types selected, scanmakef unit options.

Learn how to use the basic functions in the Advanced Control Panel to scan like a pro. The Picker on the left sets the Black point; the Picker on the right sets the White point. It is not desirable to scan scanmaked raw data and then perform ColorSync data conversion, scanmmaker will not generate the correct Scanmaker 3750i effect.

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