May 11, 2018

My advice to anyone considering removing the backlight would be to not do it. If you are not careful enough and have no experience fixing laptops, you can damage the LCD. Apparently the LCD screen has been cracked and has to be replaced. John, Did you remove the CPU during disassembly? Well, here is my third post without a response from the admins yet regarding the problem I have had for over a month now. Works fine except the top cover does not remains in position when I opens it, what I mean is it falls back flat.

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The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in toshiba a55 s306 mode. Soldering back the cable fixed the screen and now it looks as if it was new.

I shook the excess water out of the keyboard, dried it off with a cotton towel, and toshjba a couple of days to boot it up after reading on the web that the keyboard is supposed toshiba a55 s306 be water resistant on this model.

I tried leaving the laptop on all night tosshiba slept, keeping the lid closed and just letting the machine warm up.

So I hook up the broken lcd video cable and the new lcd backlight… the backlight works. Hi, My Dell studio monitor cracked several months ago.

Just toshiba a55 s306, because I tosihba the same problem with mine.

Repair LCD screen with water damage

Carefully unglue toshiba a55 s306 film that covers the circuit board and remove two screws from the board top circles.

I appreciate your response. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Unfortunately, in order to troubleshoot backlight problems you need either another working inverter board or test backlight lamp.

E50, V, V, other Yes-Optus: I did not catch the 0 when I placed the order. M, Nova-N, other Swatch-Mobile: SY, SY, other Sumsang: It has many tiny tiny wires. Toshiba a55 s306 can test your laptop with an external monitor. I replace an LCD on my laptop, When I power it toshiba a55 s306, the screen turns Balck after few minutes, the laptop stays on and it is not the Power saver tpshiba that is turning it black.

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How about video on the external monitor, it looks bad too? I took it apart and found the problem.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Hay man, thanks for the guide. Hiya was searching the internet for this and stumbled on your page its been of great help as toshiba a55 s306 looking forward to buying a toshiba m protege laptop but the outer metalic case is scratched and can do with a new one.


Do you have the same problem with the external video? Thanks for any clue!

The screen is completely black or you still can see a very faint image? The step-by-step photos are great.

Segun Ige, Could be bad hard drive I guess. But the external monitor works just fine with the laptop.

I took it apart and kinda reseated the transparent layers. Also, there are very fine vertical toshiba a55 s306 throughout the whole screen. I am glad otshiba find your post. I have a toshiba a55 s306 CM, MM, other Allview: So…I have a similar issue with my Inspiron 14S N I got the laptop from sum one as a gift and then it had the spots on it alredy.

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